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Degree and Position

Current Institute

  Graduate Students    
  K. Foster PhD Dow Chemical
  M. Daley PhD Kimberley Clark
  C. Mangun* PhD EKOS Materials Cor.
  K. Benak PhD Intel
  L. Dominguez PhD Intel
  K. Xu PhD Applied Materials
  A. Hall PhD Sandia
  B. Schneggenburger (Kesser) PhD Motorola
  D. Frich PhD ARC
  C. Deppisch PhD Intel
  C. Cofer* PhD Martekting Cons.
  S. Seghi PhD Martekting Cons.
Y. Huang PhD DuPont
W. Xiao PhD Milliken
  J. Voyles MS Martekting Cons.
T. Martin MS US Army Aviation and Missile Research, Development, and Engineering Center
  B. Fabio MS Revolent Technologies
  J. Kacnizda* MS Merger Specialist
  C. Potter MS Amoco
  B. Hart MS Printer Co.
  A. Lopez MS Excell
  F. Shi MS UIUC
  A. Hall   UIUC
  * Self Employed    
  Research Associate    
  Dr. A. Andreopoulos Visiting Professor Polytechnic of Athens
  Dr. Youn Cheol Kim Post-doc S. Korea
  Dr. Viyay Hobbu Post-doc India
  Dr. Don-Piyo Kim Visiting Professor S. Korea
  Dr. G. Serpe Post-doc France ?
  Dr. T. Gogeva Post-doc Honeyware Co.
  Dr. K. Goranov Post-doc ?
  Dr. C. Fischer Post-doc Gemany
  Sung-Hwan Yoon   S. Korea
  Dr. E. D. Dimotakis Post-doc ?
  Dr. S.M. Hong Post-doc S. Kerea
  Dr. H. D. Jung Post-doc Gemany
  Dr. I1-Hyun Baek Post-doc S. Korea
  Dr. Tae-Young Kim Post-doc S. Korea
  Dr. Hejun Li Visiting Professor China
  Dr. Shuixia Chen Visiting Professor China
Dr. Chunqing Liu Post-doc UOP
  Dr. Zhongren Yue Post-doc/Research Scientist University of Tennessee Space Institute