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Prof. Economy has been named a Founder Professor of Engineering.


Prof. Economy received his Fiber Society's 2005 Founder's Award


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Gordon and Kova Nangmenyi were married on June 11 2005 in Oklahoma City.




       Yongqing Huang, Ph.D. student in James Economy’s group, won a Gold Award at the spring 2005 MRS meeting.      


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Jinwen Wang and Yin Liu were married (June 2004) in China.


Prof. Economy elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences


 James Economy has been elected a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Election to the American Academy is an honor that acknowledges the best of all scholarly fields and professions. The academy has more than 3,950 fellows and 575 foreign honorary members, which includes more than 150 Nobel laureates and 50 Pulitzer Prize winners. The academy focuses its research on international security, social policy, education and the humanities. New fellows will be inducted in early October at ceremonies at the academy ’s headquarters in Cambridge, MA. “Jim is a highly respected leader in materials research and engineering on our campus,” said Nancy Cantor, the chancellor of the Urbana campus and also a member of the academy “It is absolutely appropriate that the academy recognizes his contributions in both scholarship and leadership.” Economy has played a major role during the past 40 years in the design and development of a number of polymer systems, including liquid crystalline materials for structural uses, novel thermosetting resins that can be recycled, and activated fibers for filtering environmental contaminants. He led the effort to create the National Science Foundation Center on Advanced Materials for Water Purification at the Urbana campus. Most recently he and his group have developed a new composite based on carbon fibers in a boron nitride matrix, which shows a 10x improvement in wear for aircraft brakes as compared to the currently used carbon/carbon composites. This work has led to a Phase 2 SBIR awarded to EKOS Material Inc., a company with which Economy has close ties. It is very significant that although trained as a chemist he has achieved the highest recognition offered to engineers, namely election into the National Academy of Engineering. He has made contributions to the basic understanding of materials (over 250 publications)and has discovered (over 65 patents)and subsequently commercialized a number of significant products.