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Founder Professor of Engineering
Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Member of National Academy of Engineering

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1304 W. Green St.
Urbana, IL 61801

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Professor Economy received his BS from Wayne State University and PhD from the University of Maryland. From 1960-75, he was manager of materials science and chemistry and of the Research Branch in the Research and Development Division of the Carborundum Co. During this period, he was responsible for the development of a number of advanced polymers and ceramics, eight of which are commercially available today. From 1975-89, he was manager of the Polymer Science and Technology Department in the Research Division of IBM, where his group achieved worldwide prominence both scientifically and technologically. Since 1981 this group transferred, on average, two new materials per year to the operating divisions. In 1989, he joined UIUC as Professor and Head of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

He is known world-wide for his research, teaching and service and has received the following Awards and Honors. 

Founder Professor of Engineering (2006) 
Fiber Society's Founder's Award (2005) 
Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences (2003)
Fellow, PMSE (2001)
Paul J. Flory Polymer Research Prize (2001)
Canadian Utilities Distinguished Lecturer, U. of Alberta (1999)
Herman Mark ACS Award (1998)
President of IUPAC's Macromolecular Division (1994 - 1998)
Turner Alfrey Visiting Professorship (1992)
Fellow, AAAS (1991)
Member of National Academy of Engineering (1987)
AIC Chemical Pioneer Award (1987)
Mary Kapp Memorial Lecture, Virginia Commonwealth U. (1986)
Phillips Medal, ACS Award in Applied Polymer Science (1985)
Chair Polymer Division of the ACS (1985)
Chair 12th Biennial Polymer Symposium (1984)
Rauscher Memorial Lecture, RPl (1981)
Chair Polymer Gordon Conference (1980)
Distinguished Visitor (Polymer Science), Peoples Republic of China (1979)
Southern Research Burn Institute Award (1976)
Chair ACS Western New York Section (1975)
Cited in Annual Report of the Carborundum Co. for Outstanding Contributions to the Company (1973)
Schoelkopf Medal, ACS Western New York Section (1972)
14 IR100 Awards for Outstanding Technical Developments in Industry (1965 - 1975)